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Honey Bees

Death After One Sting

After a sting, Bee cannot pull back its barb stinger and leaves it behind. Stinger is part of Bee's digestive system and nerves. Eventually Bee dies after stinging.

Lifetime for a spoon of Honey

The Tiny creature has a complex body system.
Bee has five eyes, Two pair of wings and six legs.
One Teaspoon of Honey is the work of a Bee of its lifetime.

Bee's have managed to survive on Earth for More than 130 Million Years.
Who Knows which ancient animals it would have stung.



Hive Queen and Bees

Bees working in Hive are called Worker Bees and one who lays eggs is Queen Bee.
Queen Bee Lays 2,000 Eggs per day and a Average Bee has 50,000 Bees.

Smarty Bees - An Study

During An study conducted on several Bees, Bee Learnt to play Bee Soccer.
Bees were given tasty meal after scoring goal. And eventually Bees learnt to score Goals.

Importance of Queen Bee

 Ever Wondered what will happen If   queen bee dies.
 Worker Bees select a young larvae,   Feeds it a special Food Royal Jelly.
 This larvae turns into a new Fertile   Queen Bee.

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